We’re building a leading network of health professionals united by the common goal of delivering patient-centred care.

Join a network that's designed to support medical practices of all shapes and sizes.

By partnering with us, you will be supported by a forward-thinking business services centre and have access to invaluable tools allowing you and your team to deliver a simple, convenient and engaging service. We know that any health practice that focuses on delivering patient-centred care is best-placed to stand out and grow.

Smarter Services

So that you can focus on great care, we run the business part of your practice—from marketing to efficient payroll management, that helps to create an effortless experience for your patients.

Smarter Partnerships

We understand your practice is unique, so we have flexible partnership models designed to suit you and your needs—from full acquisition to co-investment.

Smarter Networks

You will reap the rewards of superior technology and lower costs of services due to the size and focus of our group—be a part of a growing, premium network.

We strive to deliver a level of care and service in our network of medical centres unmatched by other healthcare providers.

Health & Co have five service principles that act as a guide for the level of care our medical centres will deliver.

Understand your patients

Invest the time to understand your patients and their specific healthcare needs.

Proactive services

Anticipating your patients’ needs without being asked.

Reduce tasks

Ease the effort required by your patients through their healthcare journey.

Take care of the details

A positive patient experience is made up of small interactions that contribute to the whole.

Foster connections

Connect your patients to healthcare professionals that are right for them.