Could you be our partner?

What does the partnership process require?

It's painless, really.

Four simple steps.

1. We meet with you

We start by discussing your needs and objectives, then review potential partnership options with you. We answer any questions you have and ensure mutual confidentiality for both parties.

2. We prepare an offer

We work with you to build a deep understanding of your practice in order to develop a valuation. We develop an offer that accounts for each party's expectations. By then we are ready to discuss an offer with you in person.

3. Agreement

Once we agree on the offer, you are engaged with a dedicated transaction team to guide you and your advisors through the process, and keep you informed all the way.

4. Welcome

When you join the Health & Co network, a dedicated team will be there day-in and day-out to assist with anything you need. We will work with your clinical and support team to make sure the experience of joining our network is as seamless as possible, with no interruption.